Should I pay my Union fees to prominent bloggers?

It seems to have become fashionable of late for OFSTED and the Department of Education to consult with prominent bloggers on certain issues most recently regarding implementing the new Primary Curriculum. 

Please do not miss understand the point I am trying to make here – it is not that I don’t believe that @heymisssmith and @imagineenquiry are not excellent advocates for my profession – they surely are and as @oldandrewuk pointed out the fact that these meetings are happening at all, is a response to a feeling teachers do not feel listened to. However, I can’t escape from the feeling that this was the role of a union. 

If speaking to prominent bloggers such as the afore mentioned is simply a focus group exercise then fair enough, but it seems odd that those selected had large twitter followings. I am left wondering the selection criteria – more over, if bloggers and those from twitter are to represent my views to the Department of Education and OFSTED rather than a collection of trades unions then @heymisssmith @imagineenquiry and @oldandrewuk can I have have your bank details as I clearly need to set a new direct debit (and cancel a standing one! ) 


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