Should educational debate be a one way street? (Antisocial media)


I saw this tweet and counted 19 replies from different people all making counter points to the one expressed by Mr Hunt, possibly this is best put by @theprimaryhead in his blog post here

My point is more this, that of the 19 responses none were from Mr Hunt. Now one could reasonably ask why should he respond and if he were using any other medium I would agree. But this social media – isn’t there an expectation that perhaps, just once in a while one is sociable?

I don’t mean a fawning response to every person who makes contact – but to respond to valid points seems reasonable.

We can often have unreasonable expectations of politicians – but if one is to engage in the medium social media it cannot be a one way street.

The audience for such announcements, in Mr Hunt’s case, is not just the general public or Mum’s Net but also the profession in question so perhaps more dialogue, as is the norm for social media, would be helpful?

Perhaps it is I who is being unreasonable – but it seems to me that if one only wishes to announce but not engage in dialogue then perhaps one should stick to The Times?


2 thoughts on “Should educational debate be a one way street? (Antisocial media)

  1. Twitter is used for different purposes by different people. Many use it to broadcast and aren’t interested in dialogue (Mr Hunt certainly isn’t alone in this), whereas for others the interaction is the point. A vast number of people use it for information (i.e passively). All of this seems reasonable to me, but agree that politicians, especially, must be aware of the pros and cons in how they use it……

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