Should we be thankful for freedom?

An air strip – somewhere:

Instructor: Good morning Sir!
Me: Good morning – I am here for my parachute jump.
Instructor: Ah, I see Sir, your jump – well, if you and your friends would like to hop aboard this plane – we’ll get cracking.
Me: Erm – don’t you need to show us how to operate the parachute?
Instructor: Parachute Sir?
Me: Yes, parachute – you know big piece of billowy material – well known for getting one safely to the ground…
Instructor: Ah yes Sir – well you see – I’m a little disappointed you brought that up – you clearly haven’t embraced the new freedoms. We don’t use parachutes any more – we tended to find the general public didn’t really understand how they worked – plus users were gaming the system…
Me: Gaming the system?
Instructor: Yes Sir, in over 100% of cases a parachute was deployed before the user hit the ground. Clearly gaming the system and not at all what was intended.
Me: I see – so how would you propose I get to the ground safely?
Instructor: Glad you asked Sir – you have complete freedom to choose. I see your friend over there is embracing this new found freedom and is flapping his arms like a bird. You could of course still use a parachute – it just won’t be attached to anything – but that Sir is freedom!


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