It’s not where we have been but where we are going: #Ofsted P.S. – Who keeps moving my cheese?

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‘The biggest problem facing schools is fragmentation and overload’ Michael Fullan

There are a few things we know about change: Change is inevitable. Change can be good, but change is difficult – really really difficult. Yet here we are, once again in schools facing many huge changes including new National Curriculum, abolition of assessment levels, SEN reforms to name a few. All huge in their own right but when they come at us altogether……..

Someone keeps moving the cheese!!!

In this context, a time of huge change with still a number of uncertainties, everyone in schools, regardless of role and responsibilities, can feel very vulnerable. So enter Ofsted into the mix with the very varied and frequently very difficult inspection experiences that colleagues including myself have faced ( or in some cases still facing), it is not a surprise that people have many questions to ask!

The opportunity came about…

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