Some Ofsted comments from reports – new things to look out for?


Check uniform


The school was given ‘good’. Data not everything?


Speaking ‘ad hoc’ to parents. Wouldn’t be as accessible in secondary?


Adult behaviour was watched. Does this define British values as listening, communication and respect?


Check uniform standards again


Don’t celebrate inappropriately


Don’t tell children their answers are ‘brilliant’ when they’re not!


Make sure classrooms are ‘attractive’ and ‘clutter free’


And organised


Ensure broad and balanced curriculum


Ensure behaviour is ‘superb’


And finally don’t shock your staff!

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OFSTED, Raiseonline and inspection- where to next?

After a few days of reflection and some interesting DM exchanges with @teachertoolkit I thought I would put some ideas together.
Firstly, I think it is to be applauded that OFSTED are reaching out – Mike Cladingbowl has been instrumental in this and I hope it continues.
The conversation I was part of on Friday was interesting as there was talk of Raiseonline requiring development – which is surely a good thing… Isn’t it?
Well yes, as long as it is clear who is developing it and for what audience- if development means additional, repetition of charts then maybe not?
If a document is clear – then you shouldn’t need, or there be a place in the market for, companies who interpret your Raiseonline summary report – yet there are, which surely says something. (It does and don’t call me Shirley”
Inspection is another point – it has few cheerleaders and there is work taking place to reform it – but could that reform be wider?
It seems to me that a Professional Oversight Panel with the power of veto is needed – genuinely chosen from a cross section of the profession and not the author/s who is /are currently on a minister’s kindle as it might be argued some on the a Expert panels were constructed.
It would make the process transparent and restricts tinkering for aims other than the good of our children. A consultation is wonderful but one off – a Professional Oversight Panel would be powerful and permanent and able to hold politicians and decision makers to account.
I welcome colleague’s views.

I talked to OFSTED about Raiseonline and got a bad reception

So, in a living room not so far away, on a phone, I wrote a blog post about Raiseonline and tweeted Mike Cladingbowl to ask if there could be a working party of teachers to look at its future development- Mike said he’d get back to me, yesterday occurred one of the most interesting- slightly bizarre meetings I have ever been virtually part of.
I say virtually, as Mike phoned my school to bring me into the meeting. The meeting took place at 1pm and I answered the phone for fear my admin lady was greeted by “This is Mike from OFSTED…” And fainted.
Present were Mike and Sean from OFSTED and some people from Raise and the DFE – well that was what I was told – equally it could just be Mike and Sean doing impressions. There were also some fellow Tweeps @Jack_Marwood @nancygedge @Moriarty2112 @mcladingbowl @HarfordSean – Jack has written a very good blog post here which is well worth a read:
There were also some muffins – but they don’t travel well done a phone line – though I have seen a photo of one.
My point was about accessibility- that to those with a none statical background- Raise can seem pretty impenetrable – the data dashboard not helping much either. The debate was lively – but the telephone signal was awful and when the line cut out and I was able to phone back in – the meeting appeared to talking about weighing ourselves after a meal – I had to check the number – but Jack explains all in his blog.
At this early stage I think it is safe to say that the meeting was lively and interesting, with the promise of more to come. But there did seem to be s commitment to listen and work with the schools.

Dear Mr Hunt, (Open letter)

Dear Sir,
I feel the need to apologise as when I saw you present, on Sunday morning TV, your idea of teachers taking an oath, I was less than complimentary and shared my irritation with my family (They weren’t especially interested)
However, on reflection, could it be that this idea is founded in a good understanding of how the teaching profession can develop? That, in all fairness it would be very difficult to say all that is needed on this matter in a two minute interview.
You talked of a desire to work with the profession, this is very popular to say at the moment – Mr Gove insured that. Now can see some evidence of this desire?
As at the moment your approach rather resembles a collection of unfortunate sound bites.
Of course you can decline to discuss ideas further – but if you are earnest about engaging and working with the profession then here is a very good place to start.

Mr Hunt goes on holiday – and comes back with souvenir policies…

I remember watching Carry on…. Well I can’t actually remember the title, or the plot (Did Carry On films have plots?) or any of the actors other than the fact that it was set in Spain, in the sixties and on returning from said holiday, one of the characters brings back a straw donkey as a gift.
I can’t for the life of me think who would thank somebody for a straw donkey and such an item has never been on my Wish list – but hey, each to their own.
Seemingly Mr Hunt has been on holiday to Singapore and like all tourists was keen to take back a keep sake to place next to his coffee cup and monitor in an effort to remind him of his jollies. His gift to our profession? An oath…
Why? Well, it seems to work jolly well in Singapore and it will raise the status of teachers.
Mr Hunt is a very intelligent man and other than grabbing some Sunday morning air time – he surely realises this is one of the daftest ideas yet – least I hope he does.
Public trust of teachers is high and whilst there is much that needs to happen in our profession – this probably isn’t it.
That said, I muttered a couple of oaths as Mr Hunt was being interviewed, so may be he has a point.