Mr Hunt goes on holiday – and comes back with souvenir policies…

I remember watching Carry on…. Well I can’t actually remember the title, or the plot (Did Carry On films have plots?) or any of the actors other than the fact that it was set in Spain, in the sixties and on returning from said holiday, one of the characters brings back a straw donkey as a gift.
I can’t for the life of me think who would thank somebody for a straw donkey and such an item has never been on my Wish list – but hey, each to their own.
Seemingly Mr Hunt has been on holiday to Singapore and like all tourists was keen to take back a keep sake to place next to his coffee cup and monitor in an effort to remind him of his jollies. His gift to our profession? An oath…
Why? Well, it seems to work jolly well in Singapore and it will raise the status of teachers.
Mr Hunt is a very intelligent man and other than grabbing some Sunday morning air time – he surely realises this is one of the daftest ideas yet – least I hope he does.
Public trust of teachers is high and whilst there is much that needs to happen in our profession – this probably isn’t it.
That said, I muttered a couple of oaths as Mr Hunt was being interviewed, so may be he has a point.

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