Dear Mr Hunt, (Open letter)

Dear Sir,
I feel the need to apologise as when I saw you present, on Sunday morning TV, your idea of teachers taking an oath, I was less than complimentary and shared my irritation with my family (They weren’t especially interested)
However, on reflection, could it be that this idea is founded in a good understanding of how the teaching profession can develop? That, in all fairness it would be very difficult to say all that is needed on this matter in a two minute interview.
You talked of a desire to work with the profession, this is very popular to say at the moment – Mr Gove insured that. Now can see some evidence of this desire?
As at the moment your approach rather resembles a collection of unfortunate sound bites.
Of course you can decline to discuss ideas further – but if you are earnest about engaging and working with the profession then here is a very good place to start.


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