I talked to OFSTED about Raiseonline and got a bad reception

So, in a living room not so far away, on a phone, I wrote a blog post about Raiseonline and tweeted Mike Cladingbowl to ask if there could be a working party of teachers to look at its future development- Mike said he’d get back to me, yesterday occurred one of the most interesting- slightly bizarre meetings I have ever been virtually part of.
I say virtually, as Mike phoned my school to bring me into the meeting. The meeting took place at 1pm and I answered the phone for fear my admin lady was greeted by “This is Mike from OFSTED…” And fainted.
Present were Mike and Sean from OFSTED and some people from Raise and the DFE – well that was what I was told – equally it could just be Mike and Sean doing impressions. There were also some fellow Tweeps @Jack_Marwood @nancygedge @Moriarty2112 @mcladingbowl @HarfordSean – Jack has written a very good blog post here which is well worth a read: http://icingonthecakeblog.weebly.com/blog/meeting-ofsted-to-discuss-data
There were also some muffins – but they don’t travel well done a phone line – though I have seen a photo of one.
My point was about accessibility- that to those with a none statical background- Raise can seem pretty impenetrable – the data dashboard not helping much either. The debate was lively – but the telephone signal was awful and when the line cut out and I was able to phone back in – the meeting appeared to talking about weighing ourselves after a meal – I had to check the number – but Jack explains all in his blog.
At this early stage I think it is safe to say that the meeting was lively and interesting, with the promise of more to come. But there did seem to be s commitment to listen and work with the schools.


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