OFSTED, Raiseonline and inspection- where to next?

After a few days of reflection and some interesting DM exchanges with @teachertoolkit I thought I would put some ideas together.
Firstly, I think it is to be applauded that OFSTED are reaching out – Mike Cladingbowl has been instrumental in this and I hope it continues.
The conversation I was part of on Friday was interesting as there was talk of Raiseonline requiring development – which is surely a good thing… Isn’t it?
Well yes, as long as it is clear who is developing it and for what audience- if development means additional, repetition of charts then maybe not?
If a document is clear – then you shouldn’t need, or there be a place in the market for, companies who interpret your Raiseonline summary report – yet there are, which surely says something. (It does and don’t call me Shirley”
Inspection is another point – it has few cheerleaders and there is work taking place to reform it – but could that reform be wider?
It seems to me that a Professional Oversight Panel with the power of veto is needed – genuinely chosen from a cross section of the profession and not the author/s who is /are currently on a minister’s kindle as it might be argued some on the a Expert panels were constructed.
It would make the process transparent and restricts tinkering for aims other than the good of our children. A consultation is wonderful but one off – a Professional Oversight Panel would be powerful and permanent and able to hold politicians and decision makers to account.
I welcome colleague’s views.


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