Neo traditionalism and the Sutton Report: the pedagogy of the matrix

There is, in truth, only so many hours in a day. And there are those who exploit that fact. They feel that it is important that their ideas prevail often for perceived noble reasons; the ideas are important to advance an ideology that is genuinely for the common good.

They exploit the time issue to good effect by simply re-iterating the same thing over and over again.  Eventually the discursive space of eduBlogging is filled with “re-iteration” of the same point to such an extent that others start to repeat it verbatim. It becomes a social fact . Any attempt to engage with the ideology in debate is met with the kind of hyperbole that makes most people not want to bother.

I was pondering this when reading Harry Webb’s latest blog . I’m a regular reader of Harry’s BLOG and generally speaking they are well written well researched and…

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