I am glad we are talking about education but…

I suppose it was bound to happen – the politicians have turned their attention to education and how in the life of the next parliament they will solve the nation’s educational woes unsolved in this one. 

It should be argued that the very fact educational development is viewed like a game of leap frog is a lot of the problem – but leaving that aside the latest tranch of ideas from the current government are concerning. The purpose of getting children to resist a SAT genuinely mystifies me. What does it achieve that isn’t achieved already with internal teacher assessment at Key Stage 3? It is rather hard to see who the target audience for this particular initiative might be – I can’t imagine many parents would be pleased by the prospect. 

So added to that concept is this progression in thinking https://news.tes.co.uk/b/opinion/2015/04/08/39-the-tories-have-the-right-idea-but-the-wrong-solution-hold-pupils-back-a-year-to-set-them-free-from-failure-39.aspx in many ways one could argue logical. It smacks as the sort of policy that is grand for somebody else’s child. 

Maybe that is it – we all teach “somebody else’s child” generally and with that level of detachment condemning a child to be the real life equivalent of Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies seems ok / right and the compassionate thing to do. 

I am not so sure. 


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