On the fad of leader lopping…

So yesterday we arrived at a Conservative majority – the reaction was a tad predictable. Leaders from Liberal Democrats, Labour and UKIP announcing they are stepping down. This isn’t a political blog so the rights and wrongs of parties and their leaders I’ll leave for others to decide. 

But for me the point is wider (football equally falls into this) which is the curious short tolerance we have all developed to a perceived failure to deliver in the short term what was hoped for. 

A Miaculpa moment is cathartic but standing down isn’t always the best course of action. Leadership is tough and can sometimes be intensely lonely. Mistakes are a given towards any success and five years is a perilously short time. 

Perhaps Ed et al will enjoy the rest and come to regret their decisions. But maybe in the words of that soppy song – we should all try to have a little patience.  


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