Coasting schools – the art of perception without direction

Unless you have have been away from education for a while then the issue of coasting schools is unlikely to have passed you by.

It is CLEAR , from recent announcements, that there ARE coasting schools.

It is CLEAR, from recent announcements, that this government ARE NOT going to stand for it. 

HOWEVER what is decidedly UNCLEAR is what a coasting school might be. Nobody seems able or willing to say. OFSTED don’t know and are leaving it to politicians and politicians who tweet about everything from coffee in a local academy to a walk along the beach seem studiously silient on a subject which is leaving all pondering and some, no doubt, without sleep. 

This is not picking out new curtains for the ministerial pad or deciding which charity to give our 10% pay rise to – this is people’s careers and mental health that is being toyed with.

So, after the coffee is finished, the curtains are chosen, the walk is complete and the charity is finalised politicians might be so kind as to cease creating the perception of a “Coasting school” and give some direction in none ambiguous terms as to what this phrase means. 

Great effort has been given to creating a perception in the public mind now let us all have a little direction – otherwise, well, you’re simply COASTING.