Watching “Around the world in 80 days” with my Mum – and other solutions to teacher wellbeing.

I was born in the 70’s and enjoyed and remember 1980’s children’s television – apart from Why Don’t You – couldn’t stand that show! Anyway…

My Mum was a teacher and I remember looking forward to sitting with my little brother watching children’s TV when we got home. My school finished at 4pm and I imagine “Around the world in 80 days with Willy Fog” was on at around 4.30pm. My Mum would usually watch it with us, sometimes my Dad too, I remember it being quality family time and I was lucky.

A lot has changed since then, we are a more evidence informed profession, yet I imagine few teachers, at all levels, regularly sit and watch children’s TV with their family at 4.30pm as my Mum did with us.

It strikes me that if we are serious about teacher well being then ensuring colleagues have the opportunity to do more then kiss their tired offspring goodnight should be a priority.

I am starting to passionately believe that quality text books, sensible feedback policies and an end to an “Audit culture” is key.

There are thousands of schools up and down the country considering their curriculum but often in isolation. Would it not be possible to get schools to work with each other? Could we not collectively consider transferable subject knowledge rather than individual schools working it out?

Surely a multi phase approach to curriculum development would both benefit children and colleagues and also be a huge step in squaring the issues of transition?